12 Stylish Enamel Camping Mugs for Your Hot Cuppa

Enamel camping mugs and enamel camping products in general have a soul to them that you just don’t get from the dull, gray alternatives.

If you show up to a camping trip with a group of buddies, you can almost guarantee some of them are going to have the exact same pieces of boring equipment in their backpacks.

Enamelware is a perfect opportunity to be a little bit more unique and cheer up your experience with some much-needed color and flare.

Happy Camper enamel camping mug

Why choose enamel camping mugs?

Enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee is one of the great pleasures of a camping trip, so you want to make sure you’ve got a perfect mug for it. Enamel gives you the chance to have a mug that represents you and your personality more than any aluminum piece could.

A range of brands have put loads of effort into producing durable, versatile mugs with stunning designs that will complement your adventures.

And as if bright colors and beautiful designs weren’t enough, enamel mugs offer a whole range of other benefits for campers that we’ve discussed in its very own post.

So strap yourselves in, I’ve collected 12 of the greatest examples out there, and I’m confident you’ll find something that has the wow factor you’re looking for.

1. Kapka Mind-Pop Enamel Mug

The award for most eye-catching definitely goes to Kapka for these enamel offerings.

If you need an injection of excitement into your tea and coffee routine, you don’t need to look much further than their Mind-Pop collection which includes these striking enamel mugs.

Available in 6 different colors, the abstract pop-art design is truly unique and also great for spicing up your Instagram feed.

2. Gift Republic Mushroom Enamel Mug

If you know a fungi fanatic or are a fledgling forager yourself, this is the perfect mug to bring along to your next trip.

It has a nostalgic feel to it and celebrates the great outdoors and the goodies it can offer us (I wouldn’t recommend eating the fly agaric though!)

3. TeamFar Set of 6 Enamel Mugs

This stylish set of 6 will keep the whole family happy with a variety of bold colors. All the classic benefits of enamel, and no-frills. Each features a high-quality glossy enamel inside and out, and a smooth rolled edge for drinking.

4. Gentlemen’s Hardware Enamel Camping Mug

This mug has a thick, painted rim and is wrapped in beautiful vintage artwork that captures the outdoors at its best. The careful flight of a variety of birds amongst a serene landscape will hopefully feed some zen into your campfire nights.

It’s also one of the largest ones out there with a capacity of 17 oz (500ml) – perfect for all types of drinks, soups, and stews.

5. Crow Canyon Catalina Enamel Mug

Crow Canyon is a small family business with beautiful enamelware and beautiful values. In recent years, a lot of us have become more mindful of how our spending impacts the environment around us.

Crow Canyon offers conscious buyers a perfect alternative to mass-produced and poor-quality products with their zero waste, maximum life approach.

Available in ‘Blue Tides’ and ‘Bermuda Buttercup’ tones, this mug was designed to weather the outdoors, and survive to meet the next generation of campers.

6. Gift Republic Garden Birds Enamel Mug

You can use this mug to test your bird-watching expertise – it features a range of delicate illustrations of the birds you’re most likely to spot while braving the outdoors, along with their scientific names.

If there’s a bird-lover in your life, it would make a fantastic gift.

7. Bigfoot Enamel Campfire Mug

The perfect enamel mug for bigfoot-searching expeditions as well as regular expeditions. Designed and printed in the USA, this is a durable camping mug that will keep you smiling on even the rainiest days.

8. Bornn Marble Enamelware Mug

These mugs come from a brand founded by a group of sisters who collaborate with traditional artisans on each piece. And it really shows!

Both the blue and pink versions of this marbled design are stunning to look at and have intricate details that can only be truly appreciated up close.

9. UFO Enamel Campfire Mug

Camping can sometimes get a little bit spooky. Now, I’m not saying that aliens love to abduct people in the outdoors, but I’m also not, not saying that.

Either way, this quirky enameled creation will remind you to keep a lookout!

10. ‘Probably Whiskey’ Enamel Camping Mug

When camping gets particularly rough, I wouldn’t blame you for needing something a little stronger than coffee in the morning. This enamel mug captures that mood perfectly. If Christmas or father’s day is coming up – you know what to do.

If you do fill it with whiskey, be careful not to get carried away as the capacity of 16 oz (475ml) could leave you in a sorry state!

11. National Parks Iconic Enamel Mug

Apart from being a great camping companion, opting for this mug also means supporting a great cause.

Proceeds from the sales support the National Park Foundation’s Open OutDoors for Kids program which helps kids to understand and connect with nature through outdoor activities. Anything that can help separate a kid from a screen has my full attention!

12. Barebones Enamelware Cups

Barebones design doesn’t mean barebones quality – these minimalist mugs are durable, cutely speckled, and come with an all-important steel rim to prevent any spills. The healthy capacity of 16 oz (470ml) will keep you comfortably caffeinated, and at only 6 oz (170g), they won’t weigh you down. What more could you ask for?

That sums up the list of the absolute best enamel mugs out there. Whichever you choose, I’d recommend keeping a very close eye on it – your camping crew will want to get their hands on it.

And if you suddenly fancy yourself as an enamel fan, check out our post on the best enamel camping kettles. There’s so much opportunity to inject a little more vibrancy into our adventures.