Guide to Using Electric Blankets While Camping

Woman wrapped in an electric blanket

Going camping on those chilly nights is a lot of fun, but it can also be uncomfortable when the temperatures dip too low. Fortunately, a good electric blanket can take the chill away and keep you nice and toasty while you sleep. That being said, learning how to use electric blankets while camping is important … Read more

Are Fleece Blankets Good for Camping?

Rolled up grey fleece blanket

If you’ve been camping for quite some time, you know the importance of a great camping blanket. A high-quality blanket mimics the comfy vibe of home, while also keeping you toasty at night, especially during the chilly months. That being said, there are various types of blankets you can bring for camping. This includes fleece … Read more

Do Emergency Thermal Blankets Actually Work?

Man wrapped in a thermal blanket

You’re probably wondering if thermal blankets actually work. Given how common, flimsy, and cheap they appear, it’s almost strange how most campers consider them to be an emergency essential. However, with the number of scientists, explorers, and medical responders endorsing these products—plus, the fact that NASA engineered the original space blanket to begin with—perhaps, there … Read more

What are the Best Types of Blankets for Camping?

Man with puffy down blankets in the mountains

As a city boy who grew up in metropolitan Hong Kong, there’s nothing I love more than a therapeutic camping trip. Thankfully, in my eagerness to disconnect from city life, I’ve been able to camp out under the starry skies on more than a few occasions. Regardless of where or when I set up camp … Read more

14 Best Thermal Blankets for Camping and Survival

woman wrapped in a thermal blanket

Have you ever heard of thermal blankets for camping? If yes, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll be covering the best offers available on the web. If not, we’ve got you covered too: let’s start off by understanding what thermal blankets for camping really are and why you should get one for whenever … Read more

7 Best USB-Powered Heated Blankets for Camping

Girls in heated blankets

Gone are the days when camping meant sleeping in an uncomfortable state. Nowadays, there are lots of camping gear that take (or at least lessen) the ‘rough’ out of roughing it. One of the things that can help you snooze comfortably is a USB heated blanket. If you love your electric blankets at home, there’s … Read more

8 Best 12v Electric Blankets for Camping

woman and child wrapped in an electric blanket for camping

Whether you’re staying overnight at a beach tent, or you’re a van lifer, or going cross country on an RV, cold days and nights are something that you’ll have to face head-on. Unfortunately, your regular travel blanket is not enough, especially in the winter. For that cozy, snuggly warmth, here’s what you need: a 12v … Read more