Which Is Better: Beach Tent vs. Beach Umbrella

Aerial view of crowded beach

Are you hitting up the beach soon? Are you already stressing over the harmful UV rays and the irritating sand? Maybe also what kind of beach tent or umbrella to bring for proper shade? We get it. The fight over ‘beach tent vs. beach umbrella’ can be frustrating. And since beach time is a kickback-and-relax … Read more

3 Great Ways to Block Wind at the Beach

A beach windscreen

Going to the beach is a great way to spend the day, but on windy days it can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are easy ways to protect yourself from the wind, as well as sand, sideways rain, and prying eyes that might be nearby. Blocking wind and sand isn’t that difficult if you … Read more

12 Best Beach Tents and Canopies for Wind Protection

beach tent for wind

Imagine spending some well-deserved break on a sunny beach… only to be interrupted by gusty winds. Nature’s elements can be unpredictable but you don’t have to let it stop you from enjoying the great outdoors if you have a reliable beach tent for wind protection. Quality beach essentials are worthy investments for hassle-free beach days. … Read more

10 Best Beach Tarps for Shade and Shelter

Best beach tarps for shade

A sunny day at the beach can satisfy your craving for vitamin sea, help you destress and give you that Zen feeling. However, your Zen can turn into sunburn or rain-soaked if you’re not prepared. To protect yourself from the harsh sun rays and other elements, having a reliable beach tarp is a must. What … Read more