14 Best Thermal Blankets for Camping and Survival

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Have you ever heard of thermal blankets for camping? If yes, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll be covering the best offers available on the web.

If not, we’ve got you covered too: let’s start off by understanding what thermal blankets for camping really are and why you should get one for whenever you hit the road.

Unless you do own a tent heater, bear in mind that you won’t have a source of heat with you as you sleep. So getting the right covers for that wintertime trip to the mountains should be a top priority of yours!

Let’s get going?

woman wrapped in a thermal blanket

What is an emergency blanket?

Thermal blankets for camping go by many names. If you come across a “space blanket”, a “Mylar blanket”, a “survival blanket”, or an “emergency blanket”, know that the same thing is being advertised. Basically, a thermal blanket is an extremely lightweight and compact type of blanket.

It’s made of plastic sheathing and was introduced in 1964 by NASA. Emergency blankets are always coated with a reflecting agent that is typically golden or silver. Aesthetics has nothing to do with that, though: those two colors help the blanket reflect up to 97% of radiated heat.

While they look thin and flimsy, emergency blankets are very effective.

An emergency space blanket

How do thermal blankets for camping work?

It’s really simple. The blanket creates a greenhouse of sorts around your body, as it reflects the heat you naturally lose from sweating and interacting with a colder environment back to you.

That’s why survival blankets have such a wide range of usages. They’re sent to space with astronauts, given to runners when they finish the race, as well as wrapped around victims of accidents.

When it comes to camping, space blankets can be useful both as personal covers and as improvised thermal insulation over your tent if it gets really cold.

Thermal blankets for camping

1. Oceas 4-Pack Outdoor Mylar Emergency Blankets

The best thing about this set of four emergency blankets by Oceas is that they each come individually packed and placed within a larger EVA case, which is extraordinarily durable.

Larger than many other products on the market, they’ll reflect up to 90% of the heat you lose back to your body. If you have to wear them in an emergency (especially in snowy settings), you can leave the blue (or black) side out for increased visibility.

Key features:

  • Extra large (2.1 x 1.5 m or 7 x 5 ft)
  • Four blankets included
  • Inside is colored either black or blue

2. SLFORCE 4-Pack Emergency Blankets for Survival

SLFORCE’s blankets are advertised as “gigantic”, which might be a bit of an overstatement. Yet at 2 x 1.3 m (or 82 x 52 in) they’re indeed pretty big. They’re enclosed in a soft case and also packaged individually.

The fact that these thermal blankets for camping are orange-colored will help you stay visible if some sort of emergency happens. Otherwise, they can simply be worn as a cozy and warm fashion statement!

Key features:

  • Each of the four blankets is packaged individually
  • 24% larger than a standard thermal blanket
  • Exceptionally compact when folded

3. SOL Thermal Bivy

This is not exactly a blanket, as it’s shaped like a sleeping bag (one that has a foot vent, though). That means this bivy is perfect as… you guessed, a sleeping bag substitute.

Just make sure you won’t rely on it if you’re to face harsh winter weather. It’s supposed to protect you at temperatures as cold as 10°C (50F), but not lower. Weighing only 252 g (8.9 oz) and being extremely compact, this thermal bivy by SOL is always worth carrying around anyway.

Key features:

  • Works as a makeshift sleeping bag at 10°C (50F) and above
  • Weighs a mere 252 g (8.9 oz)
  • Keeps up to 80% of your body heat trapped within and reflects it back to you

4. Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket

“Heavy duty” is not the sole quality that pops into your mind when you’re using this emergency blanket; “versatile” is definitely accurate too.

It can support up to 15.9 kg (35 lbs) of weight, which makes it a great shelter (and a waterproof one for that matter) — apart from tarp, gear cover, and of course blanket.

This Arcturus survival blanket is not as pliable as a regular Mylar blanket. That, however, turns out to be an asset, since it’ll take a long time to wear out.

Key features:

  • Can be used as a blanket, tarp, and shelter
  • Weighs less than 450 g (1 lb)
  • Corners are reinforced for an increased lifetime

5. Swiss Safe Emergency Thermal Blankets for Camping

In case you’re taking the whole family camping (or maybe organizing a marathon? who knows), this blanket by Swiss Safe is ideal for you.

You’ll get either 10, 25, or 75 water- and windproof blankets. While the 10-pack option is already cheap enough, the 75-piece one gives the best price per blanket.

Each silver-colored foil blanket is wrapped individually. Swiss Safe is a renowned and reliable manufacturer, so you can rest assured you’ll be making a great purchase.

The blankets are designed to block rain, snow, and any kind of moisture, and to retain up to 90% of your body heat.

Key features:

  • Packages come with either 10, 25, or 75 pieces
  • Manufactured by Swiss Safe, which specializes in outdoor, camping, and survival items
  • Reflects up to 90% of your body heat back to you

6. SOL Emergency Blanket XL

Like no. 3, this emergency blanket for camping is brought to you by SOL, which is a well-established outdoor gear manufacturer. This one is more versatile, though, as it works as a blanket, a tarp, a wind- and waterproof shelter, as well as a gear cover.

Because it’s folded flat, it’s incredibly easy to pack too. In spite of that, it can accommodate two adults thanks to its large size.

Key features:

  • Quieter than average
  • Versatile (blanket/tarp/shelter/gear cover)
  • Extra large (2.5 x 1.5 m or 98 x 58 in)

7. Mart Cobra 4-Pack Emergency Blankets for Survival Gear and Equipment

Besides typical uses, these blankets are advertised as great artificial baits for fishing, which is odd at the very least.

Regardless, these four survival blankets by Mart Cobra will keep you warm as you go out camping, running, or during an emergency.

They’re tear-resistant and will reflect up to 90% of your body heat back to you. Each blanket weighs only 56.7 g (2 oz), so you won’t even feel like you’ve packed them.

Key features:

  • Long-lasting and reusable
  • Quite large (2 x 1.3 m or 82 x 52 in)
  • Four blankets come with this offer

8. SOL Heat Reflective Poncho

SOL wouldn’t boast three listings on our post if it didn’t manufacture such versatile camping clothing and equipment. This hooded poncho will keep you protected from rain, wind, and snow, as it’s 100% sealed on the seams.

While it’ll fit any adult, the best thing about this unusual coat is that it’s extremely durable and resistant. Also its orange color will help you be singled out easily should an emergency happen.

Key features:

  • One size fits all
  • Made of a tear-resistant and quiet material
  • Color is bright to keep you visible in case of an emergency

9. UTOOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket and Waterproof Insulated Tarp

Let’s talk about the four metal stakes that come with this blanket-cum-shelter by UTOOL? I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere else. Nor have I see a 93% heat retention, so I’d say this is a strong candidate for best blanket for camping on our list.

It’s compact and lightweight, yet larger than average (2.1 x 1.5 m or 7 x 5 ft). The three layers it’s made up of (non-woven fabric, PolyMesh, and aluminized Mylar) will keep you warm even at freezing cold temperatures.

Key features:

  • 93% heat retention, which is as high as it gets
  • Works as a blanket, tarp, and shelter
  • Extra large (2.1 x 1.5 m or 7 x 5 ft)

10. Campizo 4-Pack Emergency Blankets

Like a few similar offers, this set of four emergency blankets by Campizo comes individually packaged and enclosed within a larger (but still portable) pouch.

Depending on your surroundings, you’ll want to leave either the army green or silver side on the outside in case of an emergency. This blanket reflects up to 90% of your body heat back to you as well.

Key features:

  • Extra large (2.1 x 1.5 m or 7 x 5 ft)
  • Army green on one side and silver-colored on the other
  • Comes with a pocket bag that fits all four blankets

11. Sumind 50-Pack Thermal Blankets for Camping

Another great set for large groups (or for storing, as survival blankets typically wear out after a few uses), these reflective blankets by Sumind are larger than usual (2.1 x 1.3 m or 83 x 51 in) and will keep you protected from rain, wind, and snow.

Besides wearing them, you’ll also be able to use these as a tent footprint, backpack (and gear) cover, and even to build a solar oven or a lampshade.

Key features:

  • 50 blankets included, meaning it’s great for large groups, emergencies, and marathons
  • Hand-sized individual packages
  • Pretty easy to fold and reuse

12. PREPARED4X Emergency Blankets & Rain Poncho Hybrid

While kids are too small for these, I bet they’ll love to see grownups wearing them. Twice as thick as regular Mylar blankets, these hooded ponchos are practical in that you’ll obviously be more free to move around than if you had to hold on to a real blanket.

Impressively compact and lightweight, the four blankets offered by PREPARED4X come in one of three colors: orange, green, or grey camo.

Key features:

  • Listing includes four ponchos
  • Available in three colors (orange, green, and grey camo)
  • 90% of heat reflection

13. Don’t Die In The Woods 4-Pack Extra-Thick Thermal Blankets for Camping 

Is “Don’t Die In The Woods” a weird name for a brand? Probably, yet that shouldn’t keep you from getting this kit with four survival blankets. To the very least, they’ll help you accomplish just that.

These have countless advantages: they’re thicker than average, long-lasting, and extremely lightweight.

The only irony is that, being either army green or woodland camo, they won’t really make you more visible if you’re actually in the woods. Don’t rule out having to hide from a big animal, though! They’ll come in handy then.

Key features:

  • Each of the four blankets comes in a ripstop nylon sack
  • Thicker than your average space blanket
  • Quite large (2 x 1.3 m or 82 x 52 in)

14. TEBRION Emergency Reusable Mylar Thermal Tent and Extra Large Mylar Blankets Set

Unlike our previous offer, TEBRION’s blankets will keep you visible at all times, as they’re golden on one side and silver-colored on the other.

But the whole kit is precious, as you’ll get a makeshift thermal tent (complete with a six-meter or twenty-foot rope) with it. The set is meant for two adults: one blanket for each, plus the tent that accommodates two people.

Key features:

  • Comes with two thermal blankets for camping and one thermal tent
  • Durable and tear-resistant
  • Gold-colored on one side for extra visibility during emergencies

Why should you get a survival blanket for camping?

As wonderful as going camping is, it usually requires a lot of storage space for all of the equipment. I reckon some of you might own a huge trailer or RV, but you guys are the lucky few. The rest of us have to make do with car trunks, which aren’t exactly the roomiest compartments on Earth.

When space is such a precious asset, anything you can do to save on it is valid. If that includes getting these sci-fi-evoking items, so be it. You’ll ensure everyone in your group is warm enough (provided you do layer up) and free to move around as they please.

And the best thing is they’re affordable, even in huge packs. The fact that they’re so cheap to manufacture and purchase and can get pretty wrinkled easily makes them virtually disposable. I can’t think of any reasons why shouldn’t give them a try!


The best thing about thermal blankets for camping is that they’re not bulky or heavy at all, which means you’ll get to use all the extra room in your trunk with whatever you need to pack. They will also come in handy in case — God forbid — you have to face an emergency on the road.

But of course a foil blanket isn’t the only type of blanket you could (and should) get if you’re going on a camping trip. Check the best types of blankets for camping, including these electric blankets or battery-operated heated blankets if you want to feel just as warm and even cozier.