9 Best Pop-Up Shower Tents For Privacy While Camping

a pop-up shower tent

There’s no doubt that camping is a fun-filled, exciting, and adventurous affair. But it can get a bit mucky and messy, too. Roughing it inevitably exposes you to dirt but it’s not a reason to practice poor hygiene. Fortunately, you can stay clean, fresh, and free from bacteria-caused ailments even during extended camping trips, thanks … Read more

Guide to Using Electric Blankets While Camping

Woman wrapped in an electric blanket

Going camping on those chilly nights is a lot of fun, but it can also be uncomfortable when the temperatures dip too low. Fortunately, a good electric blanket can take the chill away and keep you nice and toasty while you sleep. That being said, learning how to use electric blankets while camping is important … Read more

Are Fleece Blankets Good for Camping?

Rolled up grey fleece blanket

If you’ve been camping for quite some time, you know the importance of a great camping blanket. A high-quality blanket mimics the comfy vibe of home, while also keeping you toasty at night, especially during the chilly months. That being said, there are various types of blankets you can bring for camping. This includes fleece … Read more

Which Is Better: Beach Tent vs. Beach Umbrella

Aerial view of crowded beach

Are you hitting up the beach soon? Are you already stressing over the harmful UV rays and the irritating sand? Maybe also what kind of beach tent or umbrella to bring for proper shade? We get it. The fight over ‘beach tent vs. beach umbrella’ can be frustrating. And since beach time is a kickback-and-relax … Read more