20 Brilliant Tent Hacks for Camping Like a Pro

Adding tent cover

Ready to embark on your first camping trip? As a self-certified expert camper, I can tell you that a comfortable tent can make or break your camping experience. After all, even the most stunning scenery can’t make up for a sleepless night rolling on soggy ground. But don’t worry, because today I’ll share some incredible … Read more

11 Creative Hacks for Camping in the Rain

Unzipped tent in the rain

There are two things I absolutely love: Camping and the sound of rain falling to the ground. That being said, camping in the rain isn’t always the most pleasant experience. In fact, if you’re new to camping, it could prove to be quite a difficult battle against the elements.  However, if you stick to these … Read more

26 Best Camping Food Hacks You Wish You Discovered Earlier

Wooden skewer for marshmellow

Cooking during a camping trip is a proper art form. There are so many intricate details to take note of. While some people shy away from campfire cooking because of this, I adore it! I love the challenge of cooking in the great outdoors but if it’s your first time and you’re feeling nervous, don’t … Read more

What is a Tent Footprint and Should You Get One?

A tent footprint laid on the ground

One of my favorite things about camping is being able to immerse myself in beautiful natural surroundings. However, what I don’t like is a wet tent floor. The feeling of moisture seeping through the tent and soaking your back is not a pleasant experience! Thankfully, a tent footprint solves that problem!  What is a tent … Read more

How to Insulate a Tent for Winter Camping: 7 Great Tips

Well-insulated tent in winter

As a city boy, camping was an opportunity to disconnect from my repetitive everyday routines and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Most people think of dense forests and chirping birds when they talk about camping but for me, nothing beats the thrill of camping in winter, especially if you know how to … Read more

What are the Best Types of Blankets for Camping?

Man with puffy down blankets in the mountains

As a city boy who grew up in metropolitan Hong Kong, there’s nothing I love more than a therapeutic camping trip. Thankfully, in my eagerness to disconnect from city life, I’ve been able to camp out under the starry skies on more than a few occasions. Regardless of where or when I set up camp … Read more