6 Great Ways to Keep Your Tent Off the Ground

Tent on a wooden platform, off the ground

I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t being one with nature the point of a camping trip?  But, with all the dirt, pests, and shifting weather conditions headed your way, it’s never too late—or strange—to prepare ahead of time. If anything, just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to forego comfort! To get started, here … Read more

Composting Toilets for RV: Pros and Cons

Composting toilet in RV

Whether you’re on a joyride, a camping trip, or simply testing the nomadic lifestyle—recreational vehicles (or “RVs”) are quickly becoming the trend in long-distance travel, as they offer a comfortable means of transformation. Not only do these keep you on the move, but most rigs are customized to keep you safe, snug, and equipped while … Read more

8 Best Portable Solar Shower Bags for Camping

Man taking shower using portable solar shower

Camping provides us with many opportunities to reconnect with nature, be it the way we eat, dress, or sleep! But even so, it’s still pretty hard to skip a good shower. Rest assured, modern-day campers have found a solution to this common problem: Portable solar shower bags! Solar camping showers are a form of equipment … Read more

Are Propane Heaters Safe in a Tent? Plus 5 Safety Tips!

A propane tent heater

Sure, camping in the winter season makes for lovely sights—but, once the shivers, chills, and frostbite kick-in, you’ll soon find yourself scrambling for warmth! Luckily, propane heaters come in handy. With their light, portable design and functional heating system, these appliances can keep campers like you safe, warm, and dry throughout an icy excursion.  Though, … Read more

Do Emergency Thermal Blankets Actually Work?

Man wrapped in a thermal blanket

You’re probably wondering if thermal blankets actually work. Given how common, flimsy, and cheap they appear, it’s almost strange how most campers consider them to be an emergency essential. However, with the number of scientists, explorers, and medical responders endorsing these products—plus, the fact that NASA engineered the original space blanket to begin with—perhaps, there … Read more