You know the feeling. You’re camping and you need to go to the bathroom, but there’s no outhouse in sight. What do you do?

Cheerful Camper is here to help!

We’ve created a website geared towards making your next camping trip more comfortable. From buying tents and clotheslines for drying clothes, all the way down to what kind of toilet paper will work best for those summer nights away from home.

We want everyone who camps—from newbies to seasoned veterans—to be as prepared as possible so they can enjoy their experience.

Cheers to a cheerful camper!

Meet our team

Dina Malyana

Founder of Cheerful Camper

Dina’s a footloose wanderer who feels at home everywhere she goes. She’s camped in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and along the coast of France. Her favorite camping moment is during the evenings when the tent’s all set up and she’s preparing a one-pot meal with her camping stove.

Arusha profile pic



Tanzania is known for a city called Arusha, home to bucket list-worthy safaris and a prized type of sunstone that gleams fiery orange in the light. That is exactly what this Arusha would like to do through her stories — to champion nature and to be incandescence personified. But first, coffee.

Diego profile pic

Diego Ortiz


Between one trip and the next, Diego journals, watches old movies, and cooks foreign dishes to placate his serious case of wanderlust. A yearly appointment with Rio Carnival is of great help too.

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Joy Sallegue


Joy is a writer and digital marketer from Manila, Philippines. Travelling and writing about her travels are two things that excite her most. Her days are usually spent drinking coffee, daydreaming about future travels, fangirling, and lurking on Twitter.


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